Griffin Marks This Year's Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Leumas Security Services' Founder, Samuel Griffin, has wanted to be a security professional for as long as he can remember, but he almost never talks about why. Until now.

Griffin marks this year’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by speaking on camera, for the first time, about one of his most significant memories of growing up in a violent home. He encourages others to speak up, and he asks all of us to do what we can to support those affected by intimate partner violence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the domestic violence situation more challenging. There are reports of increased cases of domestic violence, concerns about effectively tracking those at risk, and difficulties providing support for victims.

If you, or anyone you know, needs support there are hotlines, resource materials, and even a safety plan outline that offer help.

The scars of domestic violence are not always visible, but that does not mean they are not really there. But as Griffin proves, especially with the launch of his new book, you can find ways to move beyond the experience and thrive.


Rent-A-Cop Reboot by Sam Griffin and Theresa Caldwell


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Hi. My name is Sam Griffin, and I've just written a new book called Rent-A-Cop Reboot. In observance of domestic violence awareness month, I wanted to talk to you today about what inspired me to write my book.

When I was five years old I recalled the police coming to my home on several occasions and not really understanding why they were there. I just simply figured hey police are here they're here to stop by to see my mom and dad. I waved and enjoyed the fact that they were there.

We moved from Virginia to Seattle, Washington, and one particular evening, I noticed that my mom was in the room and she couldn't breathe. She sounded muffled. I knocked on the door. I inquired with my dad, "What's going on? What's going on?" "Go to bed."

Not being able to see what was going on and hearing that my mom couldn't breathe, I opened up the bedroom door, there was my father on top of my mother with a pillow, suffocating her. I went over and tried to stop my father. He pushed me to the door and immediately I went into survival mode. I went into my bedroom I grabbed some sheets, I tied them together and I went out my window of the second story apartment building. I went to my neighbor's house, I knocked on the door. She called the police and they arrived and they assisted me with getting in the house and stopping my father from hurting my mom.

That moment stuck in my head and replayed for years and years and years and even though I'm older now, those thoughts and memories don't go away. That moment changed my life forever, and although it happened, I have not let it stop me from achieving my goals. I was able to work through the mental pain of my parents getting divorced and my father abusing her and I would watch the movie, The Bodyguard, and watching that movie I was inspired to become Kevin Costner. And by the grace of God, I was able to achieve that. I was able to work for a politician and then I was able to go and work in the music industry and work for a singer and national recording artist.

Those moments in my life that transpired, that I witnessed my father hurting my mom, inspired me to be a better person and it also encouraged me to be a better father, which I am today, and a husband to a wife that I love very much.

And I'd just like to say to those out there continue to achieve your goals, "No retreat. No surrender."

And remember... Today's decisions affect everyone's tomorrow.

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