Father's Day Miracle


I truly feel that living to see this upcoming Father’s Day, the second during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a miracle. In the video I briefly shared some of my reflections about the past year, especially my concerns about my daughter. Keeping her safe in all environments is my priority, as well as her mental health.


My wife and I were grateful for the remote learning that made it possible for us to be together while I underwent colon cancer treatment in New York, but it was hard for our daughter. We spent several weeks at a time away from our Virginia home, school friends became tiny boxes on a tablet screen, and daddy was very sick.


Even when chemotherapy had me down, my daughter was on my mind. We worked with our New York family members, who graciously opened their home to us, on ways to strengthen some of their security measures. But no lock could shut out the fear I saw many nights in my daughter’s eyes when she thought the cancer would kill me. I must admit that I sometimes thought the same thing.


My focus for the past year has been to reach another Father’s Day, and I’ve wanted to start the day holding my daughter and wife in my arms and say…. Well, if you haven’t already watched the video, check it out to hear me share the words of my recent dreams.


Are you a father who dreams of always keeping his family secure? I want to remind you to always remember some of the basics mentioned in Rent-A-Cop Reboot when you leave home: lock doors and windows, secure firearms if you own any, and check lights and alarm systems to make sure they are in working order.


In addition, be grateful for your family and everyone who helps you support them. In my case, that includes an amazing medical team, loving family members and friends, and skillful Leumas Security Services team members.


To all of you who “father” children, whether you are a biological father or not, Happy Father’s Day!

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