Security Expert and Author Decides To "Speak On It!"


Speak On It! Podcast: Security Expert and Author Samuel Griffin III 
from Tigerlily Communications on Vimeo.

“You cannot let anyone else determine what your outcome is going to be in your life,” said Leumas Security Services Founder Samuel Griffin III during his conversation with Speak On It! Podcast host Felicia Hodges. Click to hear the full interview [16:46]

Griffin spoke with Hodges about why he wrote his new book Rent-A-Cop Reboot, how he built a private security career, and how the book can help others do the same thing.

About the book’s title, Griffin said, “Security guards are not rent-a-cops. They’re security professionals. In some states they have the same authority” as law enforcement.

He also talked about how “the book is more of a workbook” that the reader can use to help set and reach whatever goals they want to achieve. The book “helps motivate you to stay on track to become a security officer.”

The COVID-19 pandemic also came up during the discussion, and the book itself talks about the impact of the early months of the pandemic on Griffin’s business. However, Griffin hasn't let the pandemic change his true bottom line: helping and motivating people.

“Whenever I do something I want to see what I can do to help others,” Griffin said. 

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