Thank You Security Heroes

Orders to stay-at-home, limit travel, and wear masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19 across the US continue to be challenging for many individuals and businesses. Add to that concerns about schools reopening, financial frustrations, marches and demonstrations for equity and justice, as well as a strong start to hurricane season and it’s easy to see why tensions are running high.

For many security professionals, concerns about how people may act out their frustrations weigh heavily on their minds.

Photo: Leumas Security Service Officers Jessie Rashid (left, June) and Jordan Cochran (right, Mary) on duty in Virginia, 2020.

The tragic May 1st shooting
 of a Michigan security guard who was working to enforce an order to wear a mask is an example of why they’re concerned. Three people have been arrested in that case, but it’s not the only situation where there has been violence, or the potential for violence.

“I know a lot of people are afraid, anxious, depressed, and any number of other feelings as the months march on,” says Leumas Security Services Founder and Rent-A-Cop Reboot co-author Samuel Griffin. “This is a very hard and confusing time, even for people who are not struggling to keep their bills paid and family fed.

“However, to all the security professionals out there, I want to remind you of how strong you are,” he says. “It takes someone with a big heart, a sharp mind, and hopeful vision for the future to do what you do to keep others safe. To keep showing up to protect property that others hold dear. To keep carrying yourself as a professional, a thoughtful and caring human being, sometimes in situations where other people may not.

“You’re a hero. That’s true today and every day. I am grateful for you, and I’m sure there are people in whatever community you serve who are, too. Do what you need to do to keep yourself safe and in good spirits, and know that I keep you in my prayers,” says Griffin.

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