Application Process for Security Professionals

Video Transcription:

"Hi, I’m Sam Griffin of Leumas Security Services. Today I'd like to speak to you about standard operating procedures, S.O.P.s.

For every security guard professional and security guard, you need to make sure that when you fill out your security guard application that you take your time. Read the fine print. Not doing so will cause a lot of confusion later. If your tax paperwork is not filled out correctly, you'll have to fill it out again, it gets thrown out on your paycheck being on time as well as not understanding what you're signing. 

So if you have any questions while you're signing the paperwork, please ask. Just rushing to fill out your paperwork, just to say that you've done it, it's not a good idea...because later on, the question could come up, when you should have asked those questions before you started that job.

Also understand the standard operating procedures of the particular site that you're assigned to, understand two things: a no-show means no pay for you and no pay for me. Abandoning a site is exactly this, if you show up to work for an eight-hour shift, but you only work five hours and leave, you won't get paid. Why? Because I won't get paid. If i don't get paid, how am i supposed to pay you?

So remember this, what you do today affects your tomorrow."

Application Process for Security Professionals

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