The Pain Of The Process

“Most of us are taught that, at some point in life, you will try to achieve something that you will not achieve without experiencing some level of pain,” says Leumas Security Services Founder Samuel Griffin III. “I’m here to tell you to make peace with that concept, because it is absolutely true throughout your life.


“I’m sure that you have started a fitness or educational program in the past,” he says, “and you were hit by the physical pain, mental stress, or both while going through the process. How about the stress of slowly moving out of the deadly pandemic we’ve been living with for a year? Knowing how long it will take to reach a particular goal may not matter when the pain point hits. It hits and wow!


“That’s where I am now with the chemotherapy to address my colon cancer. I can taste the chemo medication when it goes into my body, and that terrible taste may last for a couple of days. Speaking of terrible, that’s how all real food tastes to me, and even water tastes horrible. My wife and aunt have been adding fruit to water to help me get it down. Smells can hit me even harder, with certain ones triggering a gag reflex. I recently visited someone’s home, and their air freshener made me vomit.


“The video I’m sharing with this post is to let you know that I am serious about being transparent when it comes to this cancer-fighting process,” says Griffin, who is also the author of Rent-A-Cop Reboot. “I want you to know that the discomfort of getting screened for colorectal cancer is nothing compared to this, so get screened.


“I also want you to remember that ‘no pain, no gain’ may be an exaggeration, but you must stretch beyond your comfort zone to get the most out of life. Sometimes that will hurt. The victory at the end is almost always worth the pain, so I’m keeping that in mind,” Griffin says.


“How about you? What are you willing to go through to get to the life you want?”


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