Today's Decisions Affect Your Tomorrows

“I say it all the time: Today’s decisions affect your tomorrows,” says Leumas Security Services Founder Samuel Griffin. “That’s not a slogan to me. It’s my real feeling about the way we should live. Take the time to think about the decisions you are making today. They really can affect your tomorrows.

“After almost three decades in the security industry, I have seen almost everything. So many people made decisions to keep drinking or doing drugs instead of getting help. Or they decided they needed to prove a point to someone. Or they needed to do what made them feel good in that moment no matter what else was going on. Too many of those people decided to do something that cost them their careers, their families, their freedom, or worse,” he says.

“Last week, I talked about growing up with a violent father, until my mother courageously left him,” says Griffin, who is also the author of the new book, Rent-A-Cop Reboot. “That experience drove me to want to keep people safe, so it has been my lifelong mission. In keeping with my mission, I want to encourage you to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols.

COVID-19 cases are rising again,” he says, “and every responsible public health expert is encouraging us to keep up the safety practices that I hope we all know by now: 

  • Wear a mask. If you are a security professional, I also suggest wearing gloves.
  • Stay at least six (6) feet away from people who do not live with you.
  • Wash your hands regularly. Take at least 20 seconds to wash them, and use soap. Use hand sanitizer between hand-washings.
  • Avoid large, close crowds. This is especially true if you are not required to attend.

 “Now we’re also finding out that small gatherings with family members and friends are helping to fuel the recent increase in COVID-19 cases,” Griffin says. “That means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and every holiday celebration through the winter will need to be different.

“Like most Americans, I hate that,” he says, “but I would rather decide today about creative ways to get the most out of this holiday season than to spend my tomorrows feeling bad about exposing someone I love to a seriously debilitating, or deadly, disease.”

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