Rent-A-Cop Reboot by Samuel Griffin III and Theresa Caldwell (Leumas Publishing) BOOK RELEASE OCTOBER 2020
SAMUEL GRIFFIN III is the founder of Leumas Security Services, based in Virginia. The business began in 1996 as Griffin’s Executive Protection Agency, handling security for presidential candidates, heads of state, and A-list celebrities. The agency grew into a business with security and other professionals on staff handling a variety of security services and consultations for Fortune 500 companies, special events, shopping malls, the hospitality industry, and many other industries.

Born and raised in Virginia, Griffin always wanted to help keep people safe and travel around the world. He was happy to begin working on the first part of his dream, serving as a security guard, shortly after he started attending the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. While working a special university event, he met the personal security professional for the Reverend Al Sharpton. That relationship led to an introduction to the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. After traveling the world with Rev. Jackson for almost two years, Griffin went on to establish his own business.

Griffin and his wife, Imani Harris-Griffin, have one daughter, Bella.


THERESA M. CALDWELL is a multi-faceted communications professional, committed to sharing information that supports individual and community wellness. She specializes in designing and leading trainings and other events that help individuals from all walks of life become more trauma-responsive builders of resilience for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.