Book Review by Thomas Long

 "Samuel Griffin III has been affiliated with our company in some capacity for over a 30-year period. He began his career in 1986 as a young, eager busser who quickly rose through the ranks to manager. 

In 1990, with aspirations to go into the world of business and ultimately the security field, he left Captain George’s to pursue his dreams. As fate would have it Sam returned to us providing all of our security needs through his firm Leumas Security Service, LLC.  For over 5 years now Sam has given us, what can only be described as the ultimate security services and has maintained the highest quality and well-trained staff. 

It is clear to all he has an extensive background in the world of security. He knows how to provide the training and expertise needed to deal with the public at large and its unique challenges. 

I have no doubt the information contained in this book will illustrate Sam’s passion for providing the very best in security and all that it entails."

~ Thomas Long, General Manager, Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA

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