Haven't we all needed a lift every now and again from someone in our lives?  Wished there was a way to lift someone else? A small expression of support can be a big motivator for someone going through everyday life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many hardships to this country and the new book, Rent-A-Cop Reboot, helps motivate the hopeless and creates a platform to guide those looking for work.

Send a box filled with motivation and guidance. Send a box filled with personal stories from a mentor.  Send a box filled with hope for the future.

Since 1996, the book’s author, Samuel Griffin III has owned and still operates Leumas Security Services, providing private security services to clients throughout the United States.  Sam has worked with presidential candidates, heads of state, A-list celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies, and yet he has never forgotten what it was like to feel helpless. As a young child growing up in a home destabilized by violence, Griffin vowed to make protecting others his life’s mission. So he went into private security.

Let's Lift a Life

In Rent-A-Cop Reboot,
 Sam talks directly to people who are relatively new to the security profession. They may have some level of formal training, but not the mentor who can help them make the types of decisions that can help shape a career. They may have concerns about keeping themselves safe while doing the job, but no one who has been in their shoes tells them stories about how they handled things. They want to think through the opportunities the security profession offers, but don’t have the time. In this book, Griffin is by their side, augmenting what they learned in their training.

Send a box to someone you know, or bless someone you don’t!  As part of Leumas Publishing’s mission in strengthening communities, we commit to distributing each box to the recipient of your choice, or ours. We are partnered with organizations that provide training for security professionals. 

The box includes the following: 

  • Rent-A-Cop Reboot, Author-signed copy!
  • Everyday Commuter Drawstring Bag 
    with earbud port & zip pouch (in Black or Royal Blue)
  • Soft-touch Pen (black ink) with Stylus Tip
  • On-the-go Spiral-Top Memo Pad

If you choose to bless someone you don't know, upon checkout, enter the shipping address as follows:

Leumas Publishing LLC

11815 Fountain Way, Suite 300 
Newport News, Virginia 23606 


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