Samuel Griffin III - Founder, Leumas Publishing - Today's Decisions Affect Your Tomorrow

Samuel Griffin III, Founder
Leumas Publishing LLC
Portrait by Andre Mag Photography

O U R   S T O R Y

Leumas Publishing produces books designed to be a light on the path of those who work hard to build the career of their dreams; careers that support lives, not bills.

Our publications and other materials meet people where they are, whether they are starting out or starting something new.  If there is a more direct, holistic way of reaching a specific career goal, we want to make sure our readers have access to it.  We also guide aspiring writers who have mastered a career, or an aspect of a career, in ways that help them achieve their dream of helping others do the same. 

Founded in 2020 by Samuel Griffin, III, Leumas Publishing extends his vision of a world where everyone is, and feels, more secure. His lifelong dream has been to keep people safe, especially when they are feeling most vulnerable. Going from one place, one job, or one mindset to another can sometimes leave us feeling afraid, uncertain, insecure. We will always work hard to bring you the best tools you can use to more safely and successfully get to whatever dream you are working hard to reach.

Starting Leumas Publishing to work with people like you is one of Griffin’s dreams. He has worked with presidential candidates, heads of state, A-list celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies, and yet he has never forgotten what it was like to feel helpless. As a young child growing up in a home destabilized by violence, Griffin vowed to make protecting others his life’s mission. So he went into private security. 

Griffin and his wife, Imani, co-own Leumas Security Services, which he started in 1996 as Griffin’s Executive Protection Agency. Based in Newport News, Virginia, Leumas Security Services provides security guards for a wide variety of establishments and event spaces throughout Virginia, as well as private investigations. The company also offers security consulting for individuals and organizations across the nation.

Knowing that security is about the mind as much as the body, Griffin and his team look forward to providing you with information and other support through Leumas Publishing that will add some momentum to your leap of faith.